Leo (November)

Leo Horoscope for November 2012

By Susan Miller

You have just come though two very strenuous months, and November brings a slightly slower place. Mercury is about to retrograde from November 6 to 26 in Sagittarius and your house of true love and social events. You may have to postpone a social event, or change it for later, or you may have a change of heart about someone you are dating. Take your time – this month, there is no rush.

Mercury will continue to slide backward even farther and move into Scorpio on November 14, and that may cause you to change your mind in regard to a plan for your residence, or in regard to a family question. Whatever you are thinking about, let events take their natural course. Do not press others to decide things now. Stay flexible. Even if you feel you HAVE to sign papers or make a choice in regard to real estate (or anything else), don’t do it. This is not the month to make a deal, no matter how pressing it may appear to be.

The presidential election will take place on November 6, the very same day as Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury is at its worse at the front and end points, what I call “bookend” dates, so this is not good news. That night we will be getting ready for three-and-a-half weeks of a retrograde, with miscommunications, static, and forgetfulness.

The last time Mercury retrograde coincided with a presidential election it was in the year 2000, when we had the Bush-Gore election. If you recall, we had hanging chads, missing ballots, and broken voting machines in Florida. Because Florida is and was a swing state, the confusion held up the announcement of the winner. The Supreme Court had to sort things out for us, and named Mr. Bush president. This type of confusion could happen again.

Back in 2000, Mercury was turning direct the evening of election day, not retrograde as it will on the evening of November 6, 2012. It is odd that both in 2000 and 2012 we have those “bookend dates” – dates when Mercury is so strong and so confusing. We have something else to think about this time.

Mercury will be at a 90-degree angle (considered challenging) to foggy Neptune, multiplying the confusion that Mercury will create threefold. If you needed any more urgent signals that this is not the time to sign a contract, this is it. This month will be a much more confusing time for election day than we had in 2000. I feel it’s possible the day may be moved, possibly due to the severe, historic Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. At press time there are more than seven million people without electrical power with no real estimate of when it can be restored. We always notice the Mercury retrograde slowdowns two weeks prior to the day it actually turns retrograde, so this is a vivid example of how things can go with Mercury when out of phase.

Now let’s turn to the month’s two eclipses, coming on November 13 and 28. Before I go into detail, I want to touch on the full moon of October 29.

That full moon of October 29 last month may have brought you a career victory, or a career event or culmination, that allowed you to make a quite a name for yourself. Saturn was opposed to the full moon, so there was a heavy quality to that full moon – it brought a serious overlay. You may have been given a new, more prestigious position, or were asked to lead others in an event where many people were looking to you for help or advice. Pluto was well angled to that full moon, however, so influential people were on your side. A VIP may have praised you or assisted you in some significant way.

Now, as you begin November, you may still be thinking about what occurred, but you are also thinking of home and family. Your presence and advice appear to be needed by at least one person there. Or, you may be dealing with a living situation that might need to be fixed.

You are about to get some help with these types of questions, and it will arrive just after the solar new moon eclipse in Scorpio, 22 degrees, on November 13. It will light your house of home, family, and parents. That new moon will support all your interests, and if you look, bring you options that you may not have had previously.

Solar eclipses open doors, and this one is no exception. You may see a sudden breakthrough to solve a home or family related dilemma that has concerned you. Be sure to look out for answers in the two weeks that follow the new moon. The Sun rules your sign, and hence, solar eclipses are especially powerful for you. Saturn entered this area of your chart for the first time in 29 years, so you may be feeling a bit stuck.

The position of Saturn usually shows the area of most concern and Saturn entered your home sector in October for a three-year stay. You aren’t likely to feel Saturn’s presence the entire three years, only when Saturn signals your Sun or another natal planet in your chart. Your apartment may be getting too small, you may not like your roommate, or you may be worried about care for your mother or father. You may have different home-related question, but you get the idea. The point is, this solar eclipse may bring you fresh ideas and options.

You need to go slowly with any home or family matter, no matter how eager you are to push forward. At the same time of the eclipse, Neptune will be spinning its fog, for it will also be in hard angle to Mercury. Something may be wrong with the deal, and you will need time to find out what it is.

Your work projects will get very busy in the second half, thanks to Mars’ entry into Capricorn from November 16 to December 25. You may be happy to hear this, as it will be flattering to be in such demand in the tough global economy. You may be asked to draw up budgets and appropriate funds, as Capricorn is associated with that kind of work. Capricorn also rules historical items, such as rare antiques, or valuable artifacts from history, so you may be dealing with these types of things instead. Actually, Capricorn rules more than these two areas, for it also is a sign that brings talent for organization to any project or hierarchy to a company, and as a Leo, you are a master manager, so you may feel very much at home with what you need to do later in the month.

There is one day, however, when nothing is likely to go right on the job – December 22-23. The problem may concern a project or a co-worker (or someone you hire at home, like a nanny, baby sitter, or housekeeper). Mars in Capricorn will be in a fierce, hard angle to Uranus in Aries, and someone you deal with will be on edge. You are likely to feel like flying off the handle and giving that person a piece of your mind, for you may have an aggressive subordinate on your hands. Or it may be that you see a project is going wrong, and it will be up to you to save it at the eleventh hour. Keep your antenna up. One of these days is due to be stressful for everyone.

Romantically, Mars, the action planet, will tour Sagittarius from November 1 to November 16, and ratchet up your love life and make your social life more vibrant. This is a holdover from last month, but Mars will still be strong, and will give you plenty of reasons to attend gatherings, have romantic dinners, and generally enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Venus will be in sync with Mars in the first half, and tour Libra, a sign that blends perfectly with yours. Venus will remain in Libra until November 21, a week beyond the time Mars will be in perfect-for-Leo sign of Sagittarius. If you decide to take a little trip, you may meet someone new, or if you are already attached, find you can add some spice to your relationship by driving a short distance. Your trip need not be far – a drive to the next town may suffice. The point is, change things up a little!

On the weekend of November 24-25, you have one of your best days of the month, for the Sun, your ruling star, will receive a brilliant beam from Uranus and send all kinds of delicious surprises to you. Be spontaneous – you will love this weekend! In fact, you may even take a trip with your partner, and if so, this one would take you much farther away, and it would give you all the fun you need these days.

The month’s second eclipse will occur on the full moon lunar eclipse of November 28 in Gemini, 7 degrees, and will be pure sugar and spice – deliciously social. It seems you have a very important social event coming up on this date, such as a large holiday party, birthday party, wedding, fundraiser, sporting event, or other reason to bring you in close contact with many friendly people. Jupiter will conjoin this eclipse, which is as rare as it is wonderful, so something very exciting should come up as a result.

A friend, most likely a woman, is likely to be very kind to you and be the one who conveys so much of the good news. Something is coming to culmination, so it could be this event or something you are doing in a humanitarian way. Alternatively, you may be attending a political event, as the eleventh house, where this eclipse is falling, could bring that, too – if so, it would be very celebratory. With Jupiter so prominent, I feel your event will be luxurious and possibly a very “dress up” affair, so no doubt you will be looking forward to attending.

If your birthday falls on July 29, or within five days of this date, this eclipse will have a very strong effect on you. If you know your natal chart, and you see you have a planet at 7 degrees (give or take five degrees in either direction) in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, or Aries, you may also benefit quite a bit, too.

You have a very full month, with lots of activity in your career, decisions to ponder on the home front, time for travel, and a superb, major social event at month’s end. It’s life just as you like it, dear Leo!


As November opens, you may still be thinking about major developments that have emerged in your career near October 29. You may have scored a major victory or saw an important, long-term career goal reach fruition. More career news will reach you by November 8-9, and it will likely thrill you, thanks to the exciting cooperative efforts of Venus and Jupiter. A friend may be instrumental in your good fortune too, so keep your antenna up.

Your home will become a focus, now that Saturn has moved into the area of your chart that rules property and family for a long stay. The new moon eclipse of November 13 will help you see progress in domestic matters. If you are trying to buy, sell, or rent a space, you might have luck, but you need to be sure you are getting accurate facts. Insist that all details are clearly spelled out. Neptune’s position suggests a lack of clarity may cause confusion in regard to the real estate offer or having to do with the details of a mortgage – ask many questions. Neptune will turn direct on November 11 after having been retrograde for months, allowing you to get any answer you seek.

You may have to filter upcoming career choices by your family’s needs from now on, or by housing opportunities that exist in the location of the career opportunity. These types of decisions take time to mull over, so go slowly and be methodical. Mercury will be retrograde from November 6 to 26. You will make better decisions after Mercury turns direct, and also after the eclipse of November 28 announces its news. Only then will you have full information.

There is always a lot of static near eclipse time, so even though Mercury will no longer be retrograde, you will still need to be patient. That lunar eclipse November 28 will be positive, illuminate your future path by helping you align priorities, and help you see which of your goals are truly important to you. Also at that time, you will see a female friend go out of her way to ensure that you do well – her actions will show you the very meaning of friendship.

Mars will tour your workaday sector from November 16 until December 25, ensuring that both new projects and temporary work (your choice) would be plentiful during coming weeks. On November 22, 23, and/or November 27, your interaction with a co-worker or underling may become quite tense – treat others carefully at that time.

Romantically, you’ll enjoy November, for Mars, the action planet, will energize your love sector from November 1 to 16. During that same time, Mars’ lover, Venus, will be in a perfect position, Libra, to help too, especially if you travel a short distance together then. (Venus will stand ready to help until November 21.)

Later, November 25 should bring delicious, spontaneous fun with your partner, thanks to the Sun, your ruler, in perfect angle to Uranus, planet of surprise.

Dates to Note for Leo:

Most romantic dates: November 7, 8-9, 14, 15, 29, 30, and the eclipse November 28.

Venus will be in the right position to help you November 1 to 21.

Mars will be in even better position, November 1 to 16, when the Red Planet will glitter in your fifth house of true love. One tough day for love may be November 1 or 3.

Good news about your career should arrive on November 8 or 9 when Jupiter sends a beam to Venus, the planet ruling your house of career.

Mercury will be retrograde November 6 to 26.

Travel spontaneously over the weekend of November 24-25 with friends to see friends.

The November 13 solar eclipse will bring news about a residential or family matter. Look into opportunities that come up, but do nothing until after Mercury turns direct November 26.

November 28 brings a lunar eclipse in Gemini, conjunct lucky Jupiter – get set to see the real meaning of friendship when a female friend helps you in touching ways. A desire you’ve long hoped to achieve may be yours at eclipse time.

Difficulties with a co-worker or subordinate may occur November 22 or 27. Treat anyone who seems upset with rabbit-hair gloves.

Plan to be spontaneous over the weekend of November 24-25 when the Sun and Uranus will be in sync. It’s one of your happiest, most carefree points of the month.


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