Cancer (November)

Cancer Horoscope for November 2012

 By Susan Miller

November may bring a number of sweet surprises, especially in the area of romance. This may come as a result of a very encouraging solar new moon eclipse, November 13. An eclipse series, usually at play for 18 to 24 months, is this month about to shift into a new set of signs, moving gradually away from Gemini-Sagittarius into Scorpio-Taurus, a series we have not seen in nine years.

 The eclipses have already finished the really difficult tour through Cancer-Capricorn July 1, 2011, and those had caused your life such massive change since 2009. The new place the eclipses are heading is good news, for Scorpio and Taurus are signs that blend nicely with yours. Not all eclipses are friendly, but this month’s seems to be one of the gentler ones, if you stay alert. I will tell you all about this, but first, we have other things to discuss.

 As you begin the month, things are slowing down, due to the impending Mercury retrograde, November 6 to 26. This time Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius, and that will affect your work projects. You will need to be absolutely sure you know what the client expects of you, for you may have a miscommunication that causes problems. You may want to summarize things in a document or email to everyone – the client, your boss, your team – all are on the next page.

Mars will be in Sagittarius, from November 1-16, and that means business will be brisk. You’ll have a lot to do, but with the massively confusing Mercury at play, you will need to go the extra mile to be clear in all intentions.

By November 14, another planet, Mercury, will keep sliding backward, from Sagittarius into Scorpio, and that may affect a creative project when you may have to take it into another direction. Be flexible, and when you are asked to change things, just take it with a shrug and a smile. Scorpio also has bearing on your love life too, and you may hear from a former lover, or change your mind (one way or the other) about a present sweetheart.

Keep track of the expensive things you carry with you every day this month, such as your wallet, eyeglasses, iPod iPad, smartphone, and other treasures. Many people lock their phones and computers – if you do, have a business card taped to the back or in the case that holds it. If a Good Samaritan finds, he it will have a hard time finding you unless you attach the card. Mercury retrograde will have some bearing over the presidential election, too – machines may malfunction, calls for recounts may display another result, and general mix-ups may delay the naming of the winner.

Mercury will turn retrograde the evening of November 6, initiating more than three weeks of confusion. Mercury will not to turn direct until November 26. The last time a presidential election had been touched by Mercury retrograde, it was the Bush – Gore election of 2000, when we had the Florida hanging chads, and difficulties with voting machines and ballots, that led to the Supreme Court’s ruling of the candidate who actually won.

Again we will have a very close election, so be sure to vote, as your voice will be heard. That year, 2000, when we had election Day, Mercury was turning direct that night. As you see, it was going in the right direction, not like this year, when it will be going in the very wrong direction, backward. Theoretically, in 2000 one would have assumed only a small problem, but I have always said Mercury is at its worst at the front and back end of the retrograde. I feel this will make the whole voting process harder, and due to the hurricane on the East Coast, they may have to delay election day as so many counties have no electrical power. The only saving grace is that many states have allowed people to vote early, and many voters have taken advantage of that option, in large numbers, so that might be a mitigating factor to Mercury retrograde.

However, on November 6, the very date when Mercury turns retrograde, Mercury will also be in hard aspect to Neptune. This takes the confusion of Mercury retrograde and multiplies it by three. This suggests the presidential election may have to be delayed or postponed or, if it does take place, there will be massive problems with broken machines and may again go to the Supreme Court to sort out the winner.

In your own personal life, this is another very clear reason why you must not sign a contact in November. Events will be in flux and until you know which way things are heading, it would be wise to wait until December. It also suggests that you should not purchase electronic items in November, but rather wait until December. Mercury rules the moving parts in machines, electronics, and commerce – the buying, selling, negotiating, and shipping of items. So sit back and wait, and you will be glad you did. Hold off on buying the one or two expensive holiday gifts you had in mind, too. December is your month.

I would like to talk a bit about the full moon of October 29 that coincided with Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of the USA. On Twitter last month, I noticed that many readers did not receive news at the full Monster Moon of September 29, but mathematically, those readers (who gave me their birthdays signs and rising signs) should have noticed something. At the time, I suggested to those readers that they keep their guard up within four days of the next full moon, October 29. I know for a fact that eclipses often deliver news one month to the day earlier or later, plus or minus four days. Why? Astrologers work on bell curves, so there is always a tolerance of plus or minus one month within certain days. I was not sure if powerful full moons work the same way, but through this period, I found that they do.

That meant that if you didn’t notice news on the monster moon of September 29, you may have received news, or felt unusual stress, on or near October 29, plus or minus four days. The September 29 full moon emphasized changes in your career or people you work with in your career, and it was surrounded with an unusual number of tough, powerful aspects. The October 29 full moon accented your social life. Due to a mathematical “spill over” that is a bit too complicated to explain here, you may have noticed news in terms of your career OR friendship-romantic life, or both at the full moon October 29.

As you enter November, you are likely to still be thinking about what occurred late last month. The October 29 full moon was theoretically a good one for you, especially if your birthday falls on June 28 plus or minus five days. However, if your birthday falls later in the sign (in July), you may have felt the news about career too, and it may have been news that caused you to scramble to straighten out something.

The full moon of October 29 had mixed aspects. Saturn directly opposed that full moon by tight mathematical degree – Saturn always makes us deal with reality. At the same time, Pluto was in friendly angle to that full moon, suggesting that for you, dear Cancer, it means you would get help from an influential partner, whether that relationship be business or romantic in nature.

Now, as we enter November, we have two eclipses coming. The first one, a new moon solar eclipse, November 13, in Scorpio, 22 degrees, might be exciting for romance or for getting involved in the kind of creative project that you like to do best. A solar eclipse opens a new path, and for you, this will happen in your solar fifth house of love, and personal, artistic expression. If you are single, this powerful eclipse may bring someone new and very exciting to you. If you are in an established relationship, you may get news that you have conceived a baby.

Cancers who are born July 15 plus or minus five days will benefit from this eclipse the most. Additionally if you have a natal planet at 22 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, in Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, or Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you may also benefit from this eclipse.

Venus will move into Scorpio too, from November 21 to December 16, a wonderful time for you. Venus will light your house of true love, ushering in a happy, social time for you in time for the coming holidays. Once you get to December, treat yourself to a salon visit or a new outfit for the holidays. Venus will make sure all that you select will be madly flattering.

When it comes to love, proceed slowly for two reasons: Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto will be in hard angle to Uranus (within three degrees). This is a warning to know the person you are dating, and don’t get deeply involved until you know your new love interest well. This is an eclipse in Scorpio, so Pluto is the subject of the eclipse. Mars also rules Scorpio, but is ALSO in hard angle to Uranus (within six degrees), so this is a clear signal not to rush into a relationship. I want you to avoid a sudden breakup later because you didn’t take the time to get to know the character of the person you are dating.

The ruler of any new or full moon will give you the final outcome of a new moon or eclipse (in a logical conclusion kind of way), so this is a need to be cautious. Also, Mercury is retrograde, another reason to go slowly. Eclipses affect us for a long time – up to six months to a year, so you will have plenty of time to find love.

Mars, the planet that keeps the timing of a chart, will move into your solar seventh partnership house when Mars is in Capricorn, from November 16 to December 25. Mars’ job is always to clean up any house he visits (among other goals), so here Mars will look closely to see if a resentment has been festering between you and your partner. If Mars finds any problems, he will bring them to the surface. Any grievance is most likely to emanate from your partner, not you, and when all this news comes up you may be very surprised – even shocked.

Your hardest days will come December 22-23 when Mars will be in hard angle to Uranus. This could mean that your boss will be extremely critical of you or announce some other news you don’t like, or it may be that your romantic partner may be upset about the long hours you spend at work. These are some examples, but you get the idea. If you are in a partnership, alliance, or joint venture in business, then you may feel that someone will insist that you accept his dictate.

Not all days will be difficult like the dates I mentioned above, December 22-23. There are various aspects involving Mars operating on you, some much softer and more supportive but the best occurs on November 29, when Venus and Mars send a lovely vibration perfect for engendering love.

One day I would recommend you watch for good news is November 25-26, when the Sun and Uranus will be beautifully angled. You should hear good financial news on this day, quite out of the blue. Or you may be given a generous gift. Either way, November 25 or 26 will be a day to delight you. A career event should go well too, helping you to erase from your memory anything that came up earlier in the month to give you jitters. By this week, it soon will be clear, you are on the right track again.

I will admit your chart is complex, so it is possible that you have a business partner and a romantic partner, and one or the other partner may be the one who causes you grief this month, but not both. I can’t tell which partner may come on strong, but you might know.

So, in summary, some may find good fortune with the solar eclipse, November 13 new moon (hence a new beginning), but it seems only the Cancers that have patience develop the relationship gradually, with integrity.

The second eclipse coming this month is a very special one. It will be a full moon, lunar eclipse, November 28, in Gemini 7 degrees. This eclipse will light your solar twelfth house of behind-closed-doors activities. Because the moon rules your sign, and the lunar eclipse will be arm-in-arm with Jupiter, this eclipse should bring very good news from a confidential source. It is also a perfect time to finalize your plans or strategy for a venture or personal agenda (your marriage perhaps?) that you may be launching in December or January. Lunar eclipses are very important for Cancers – this one seems outstanding, for it seems to address something dear to your heart.

This eclipse will be very good for your physical and mental health too, a fine time to see a doctor or therapist, or to take care of procedures you had put off for lack of time. With Mercury retrograde in November, your daily schedule will open up, so take care of those annual checkups, flu shots, and other things you may have planned to do but had no time to do it. A woman friend, executive, or even your mother may be very helpful to you – a real angel – so see the conversations you have in the five days surrounding November 28.

You may finish an important project by month’s end too, and if so, you may see a handsome fee. (When Jupiter is involved with a full moon, there’s always money to be made, so hopefully you can get a nice fee.)

I know you’ve been through a lot Cancer, and that life has not been easy. You are separating the wheat from the chaff, specifically, what is important to you from what is not, and admittedly, it can be a strenuous process. You are doing such good work on so many levels.

Keep going – you are heading to your best year in over a decade next June when Jupiter enters Cancer. What you need to do now is clear your basket, so that the universe can help you fill it with exciting new projects, people, and other options. The universe did not forget you – the universe loves you and is about to help you in a big way. For now, clear out people and obligations you no longer want. The eclipse of November 28 will help you do that. You are heading to a whole new lifestyle, and it’s coming sooner than you think possible!


This month may turn out to be surprisingly active, for this may be a month that will take a few turns you’d never have expected. The start of November might find you in high spirits. The full moon of last month, October 29, may have brought a major community or social event over the preceding weekend. As you enter November, you’ll still be thinking of what occurred, and with a little luck, it was a happy event.

However, the Monster Moon of September 29 was aimed at you in terms of your career, especially if your birthday falls at the end of June, or if you have a planet at or within five degrees of 7 degrees of Cancer, Aries, Libra, or Capricorn. If you didn’t get news last month, you may have had an event one month earlier, near the end of August, or now, at the October 29 full moon. Astrologers use bell curves, which is why at eclipse time, or in the case of a Monster Moon (like September 29, not an eclipse), you can feel things in one of three dates.

You seem ready for a little more romance, and you may generate more attention this month than you expect. This comes thanks to a new moon solar eclipse November 13, set to bring you opportunities times three. You’ll be busy at work until November 15, but happily by the following weekend, November 17-18, the pace of incoming projects and customer / client let up a little, enough to kick back and enjoy life. To help love along even more, Venus will move into fellow water sign Scorpio, from November 22 to December 15. Venus will bring out your charms and make it easier to magnetize others to you, without even trying.

In addition, you have a star weekend of November 29. This is your four-star day of the month, when Venus will flirt with Mars, her cosmic lover. Watch and see – these days will stand out for you romantically if you are attached.

If you are attached, Mars’ entry into your partnership sector has you thinking about making a commitment. If you are already attached, you may draw up new goals together. A day you may be ready to make a joint plan for the future will be November 24.

At work (or in regard to your interaction with a lover or partner) a day to avoid interviews, when nothing will go right, will be November 22. A day when things are likely to go exceedingly well is Monday, November 26, much to your astonishment (especially after the near-disaster of the proceeding Friday). Wait until Mercury is out of retrograde before you sign any papers.

The lunar eclipse will affect you, November 28, because as a Cancer, the moon rules your sign. This eclipse may bring hidden information out in the open, or be a time when something you’ve been doing quietly, behind closed doors, is made public. It’s also a time when you may decide to end a bad habit, as the place the eclipse falls is the place we resolve behaviors that are destructive and that we hope to heal and improve. This eclipse would have the power to change the course of things – let it! Revel in the new life you create for yourself!

Dates to Note for Cancer:

Most romantic dates: November 8-9 (gold star), 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 25, 29 (couples), and 30.

Venus enters perfect-for-you Scorpio from November 21 until December 15. This is a red-letter phase, as Venus will tour your true love sector. Saturn is there too, so you may be getting serious about coupling up. If you find that you or your partner has to be apart due to travel or work obligations, this will happen from time to time, and it’s only temporary.

The friendly new moon social eclipse, in Cancer, November 13, will also contribute to the picture of a reformed, renewed love life. You may meet someone in the month following the eclipse. Due to Pluto’s angle, don’t rush this relationship.

In your career, creativity and success will go hand in hand on November 26. Go “off the grid” in any way you choose – someone will reward you in a big way.

November 22 is a tough day for relationships – work seems to come in the way – and nothing goes right.

The full moon of November 28 may bring out a secret – yours or someone else’s. Be careful if you have something you need to keep hidden.

Work in solitude over the weekend of November 24-25, and you will be proud of the work you turn out.

November 29, Venus and Mars will link your house of true love and your house of marriage and commitment, emitting a warm glow.


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