I Am

I Am

I Am Shameet

I Am The Immortal Beloved

I Am Vexie

I Am Vittoria

I Am


A million pieces…


… And when it shatters once again, let the pieces fall, for they fall with determined purpose into the dazzling womb of your soul. Each fragment painted with the Light of ten thousand sun’s, reflecting within itself colours that are yet to be born; to light a path that can only be lit by the magnificent shattering of your heart. – Always yours, your immortal Beloved.

… And the Moon…

See how the moon sits, half drunken rising like the night sun, as if unveiling the day that shines like night within your soul.

And just yonder, not even an eyes breath away I can smell the salt of the Ocean washing over my lungs. How I imagine this mischievous Moon dancing through the sparkling of that playful ocean, caught in a moment of Love that cannot be defined. – A

I miss you, my dearest Immortal Beloved.

Charlie, Charlie

Hello my Munana King,

I thought we could do with a good laugh, together.  Enjoy!

PS: Have I told you lately how damn much I miss you!!!  What I wouldn’t give to be lying in bed, watching this video with you by my side, whilst we laugh till our sides hurt and tears pour down our cheeks.  Ah, the good ol’ days!


My Wish for you…

In this moment i am with you, holding you as always. Always feel free to share from your heart, for your heart and mine are intertwined like the very DNA matrix that makes us who we are. I Love You, and when i say that, i say so with the very same intensity as when i first felt it when we met. i will share with you what i was meant to share with you, but the time for it was not right then. But now it is. the last night that we spent together i was holding you, the warmth of you enveloping me as i felt a oneness beyond oneness. i gazed upon you from behind, whisps of your hair fallen carelessly over your ear. i reached out to curl it over, trying to make it neat so i can experience the touch of you in my soul forever. The scent of your soul was amazing. in that moment i breathed a prayer into you and as i held you close it came to me.

‘Hold me close, one last time my Love, don’t let go for i am lost without you. Whisper the words i want to hear, knowing i will not be here. Kiss me one last time so i may feel your beating heart in the arms of another’

I Love You my immortal beloved, through all my living breath, and i will Love You with my last dying breath.

Happenings In My World


My Dear Beloved,

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote that I had picked up an old vice

and I said that I knew you would be happy for me

[but that I didn’t want you to be]


I joined a dating site.

No, not that dodgy one.

A more reputable one whereby you have to subscribe.

Do you want to know more?


PS:  I Love You. More. More than ever. More than anything.