Daily Horoscope – 7 September 2012


You have followed the rules. You have done what was expected of you. You have tried to be polite and thoughtful. And yet a certain person still isn’t treating you in an appropriate way. Rather than walking on eggshells whenever you are in this person’s presence, maybe it’s time to just be comfortable, be yourself, and say what you have to say. You’re a very decent person, Moonchild, so it’s unlikely that you’d be unkind or impolite anyway. Relax and you’ll create a friendlier tone with someone who isn’t being so friendly.

A friend or a relative – someone with whom you share a casual, comfortable relationship – continues to ignore your wishes. This person does something that really bugs you over and over again, despite your requests to stop. This could range from bringing up an awkward topic to offering unsolicited advice. You probably feel that this is intentionally thoughtless, and you may be right. But if you get angry and you start being thoughtless or unkind yourself, then you aren’t going to be very sympathetic. Explain your point calmly and kindly one last time without getting angry, and you’ll see a big improvement in your loved one’s behavior.


Daily Horoscope – 6 September 2012

It’s only September, Leo, which gives you plenty of time to think about all of the New Year’s resolutions you are going to make. With all this time to ponder your goals, you can relax and just fantasize about everything you want to change or improve in your life. But wait… isn’t that what you did last year? And did you really put any effort into those resolutions? If you did, then congratulations – you are one of the few people of your sign who fulfilled your promises to yourself. If you didn’t, though, here’s some advice. Instead of spending lots of time thinking about what you what to change or improve, just do it!

An old flame or an old passion of some kind could resurface today, Moonchild. Is that a good thing? It could be that this person or this dream that once meant so much to you has become much bigger and more important in your memory of it than it was in your life back then. Then again, it might be that it was absolutely everything you ever dreamt of and then some. But the moment it returns to you, you will know which it is. And whichever possibility comes to fruition, this is meant to be – either to show you that you need to let go of something, or to show you that you need to pursue it.

Daily Horoscope – 5 September 2012

There is another way to get something done, Moonchild. You may have reached a roadblock with a current endeavor. You are standing there wondering whether you should go on, or turn around and go back. You probably think you have exhausted all the possibilities and you are quite tired anyway. But this is something you wanted for a long time. You are almost there, even though it may not yet seem that way. There is an alternate route that will get you to your goal more quickly and more easily than you have imagined. It’s right under your nose, which is probably the last place you would have suspected.

You want to confide in someone, yet you are afraid of being vulnerable. But you are confusing vulnerability with weakness. No, Leo, if you confide in someone who has your best interests at heart, it can only make you stronger. Allowing the real you to step forward and let someone else into your heart is a bold and noble venture. If you have chosen well in your confidante – and as a Leo you have probably been very choosy – then you will be making a wise investment if you decide to get closer to that person.

Daily Horoscope – 4 September 2012

Even though you like to think of yourself as the king – or the queen – of the jungle, you may have to become part of a team this week, Leo. You are used to giving the orders. You have great talent for delegating. But for a new endeavor you may be much better off playing the role of a “cog” in the big wheel. There’s nothing wrong with that. The goal you’re aiming for will require a really good cog, and so your role will be important. But if you get so caught up in resenting your role, you won’t give it the attention it deserves.

You have been making a judgment about someone and about a situation that person is involved with. You probably think you could do better. But you aren’t being as objective as you think you are, Moonchild. Although you’re a fair and honest person, you often see things through emotional eyes, rather than realistically – especially when the topic is related to something you have strong feelings about. Before you go riding off on your high horse and proclaiming that a certain person is wrong, you need to learn a bit more and explore the matter from a more objective perspective.