Love Tarot Reading

The Past
~ 3 of Cups Reversed
[this shows the foundations of the relationship]

The Three of Cups reversed come up in relationship readings to reveal a love triangle. Often it is a reflection that you, the querent, are that third person and may be involved in an affair.


The Present  ~ 4 of Cups Reversed
[how the inquire sees her relationship now]

There may be a regeneration of one’s relationship. You may feel more committed to your partner. There is a new willingness to work things out.  You may finally be ready to move beyond the ghosts of your past and toward a brighter, happier love life in the future. Spend time thinking about what and who you really and truly need in your life. Look forward, not back.  Awaken to the world and all its possibilities – always expect that there will be a positive change and stop worrying. New opportunities will now be offered – new relationships and new ideas. Trust and believe that your ideas are good and have a little more patience. Believe in yourself and when it “appears” nothing is happening, always prepare your mind for an exciting turn of events

Hopes, Fears, Expectations
~ The Queen of Cups
[this shows what kind of dreams and beliefs the inquirer is bringing to the relationship]

The Queen of Cups is the Queen of Hearts. She wants poetry and roses, picnics in the park. Yet for all that, hers is a mature love. She gives all her heart and she wants to give it forever. If she gets into a relationship it’s with visions of marriage and children and “till death do us part.” She doesn’t believe in one-night-stands. She’s very spiritual and what she feels is more important than what she knows. Often a healer, counsellor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what is wrong even before you open your mouth. In Love Tarot, the Queen of Cups can indicate a relationship that is founded on a deep emotional connection. It’s important to remember to create the time and space to enable the communication of your feelings. When the Queen of Cups comes up in the context of love, she often indicates a very positive outlook about a relationship.


Areas of Conflict ~ 5 of Swords Reversed
[this can be entirely mental or emotional, or may suggest other practical problems]

As a card of conflict, tension and disagreement, the reversal of the Five of Swords shows that you really just want this period of fighting to be over, so that you can forgive and forget, and then focus your energies on more constructive activities such as restoring your relationship back to normal. The conflict is becoming upsetting now and you realise that there can only be losers in this battle. You now just want to put this behind you and move on. Similarly, the reversed Five of Swords can suggest that an old wound has been re-opened and you are experiencing fear and tension associated with that memory. You may be particularly worried that history might repeat itself or that you could be hurt again.

Outside Influences ~ The Four of Swords
[What wordly factors are affecting the relationship]

The Four of Swords shows a period of rest and recovery after a time of challenge, with the promise that, once recovered, you can and will return to the challenge. In the meantime, the Four of Swords provides a new challenge – to stay silent and inactive. This is the time build up your mental strength. Meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You need to replenish your strength and spend time in spiritual thinking. You need to rest and relax.  Although there may be feelings of frustration, it’s important that you find neutrality in your current romantic situation. This is not the time to leap into action or make significant changes. You simply need to let things be.

Best Current Course of Action  ~ The World Reversed

Be willing now to try new ideas or your own fear will create the inability to increase your spiritual growth. You have experienced many lessons in your lifetime – trust that you have learned from them and stop resisting change – it is always beneficial! When you need encouragement – cry out for help!

Try something different, be willing to accept other people’s ideas as well as your own. They are here to assist you in whatever you wish to accomplish – they are here to bring you to your heart’s desire. Be confident in the process. To make full use of your power, you must first have a clear image of what you want so that you can quickly eliminate anything that doesn’t conform to that picture. Remove the emotional blocks. Your “inner” voice will fight you when you begin to put road blocks in the way of the good that you could have. You can not ask for anything more than the best that Life has to offer and you must be willing to turn to it with confident expectancy.

You may be at a standstill for the moment – but the freedom and the rapture of the World always exists in potential and will be released when you feel ready to begin the dance of life again. Practice being yourself, develop the creativity that comes from your center and allow yourself to enjoy it. Be willing now to express yourself completely and trust in the Power that gave it to you. Don’t worry about what other people say – what they think about your creations is not relevant. The independence of your spirit is essential in your growth, you take the sting out of your inner problems by airing them and recognizing them for what they are. See clearly now that the World represents a goal – it represents hope and intuition – the way to that goal lies in the images of your “inner” Self. Accept the mystery and magic of the Universe, have faith in the “inexplicable” – see beyond the physical eye.

Probable Outcome ~ 9 of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a card that shines brightly in any situation and is known to be one of the most uplifting cards in the deck. It promises good luck and is also known as a “wish card” so whatever your heart’s desire if you have made a wish and this card turns up then your wish will soon be answered!

In a love Tarot reading, the same is considered to be true. When it appears in a reading, you can presume that your wishes or desires will, indeed, come true. In a love Tarot reading, the Nine of Cups urges you to let your worries go and have a good time. Your relationship should be enjoyed.  On a more physical level, this card signals delight and pleasure, contentment with what you have and a steady foundation for the future. Your worries are all in the past, and you can look forward to a bright future.


Tarot Reading

Card 1 (The Empress) :
How you feel about yourself now  »

This is a time for nurturing, material and domestic comfort, a feeling of abundance, harmony, joy and love. A time for motherhood – you may already be pregnant or thinking about motherhood, if female of course! If male, this is a period of joy and abundance for you too – the appearance of The Empress here could also indicate that your mother or mother figure could be of great significance or comfort at this time. This is also a card of creativity so it is a good omen if you are feeling creatively inspired at this time.

Card 2 (Wheel Of Fortune) :
What you most want at this moment  »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is a turning point in your life and positive change – well expect it now. Life will go up a gear or two and events will accelerate forward. Destiny is at play here – have you noticed a number of events that seem rather a coincidence? This is synchronicity, trust it and go with the flow.

Card 3 (Death) :
Your fears  »

You are afraid of experiencing turbulent and catastrophic change, as we all are, yet challenging such transformation in our lives helps create brand new opportunities. If you are experiencing or have just experienced losing a job, a bereavement, divorce or the end of a relationship, these changes will allow brand new opportunities into your life.

Card 4 (The Fool) :
What is going for you  »

This is an exciting time with much potential for fun and good times. Your confidence should be high, it’s a great time for new possibilities. If you are considering leaving your job, home or relationship, in time you will. An unexpected desire will be fulfilled, even before you express it!

Card 5 (The Hierophant) :
What is going against you  »

You are simply struggling to conform to others expectations of you and everybody has an opinion of what you should do. Perhaps you are having a crisis of faith and are unsettled at a very spiritual level. Ask yourself who you really are? What is important to you? What makes you happy? Seek out advice or wise counsel if you wish, but accepting who you really are and going after what you want instead of what others want for you is the most important.

Card 6 (The Hanged Man) :
Outcome  »

You will in time know what decision to make about who or what must be given up. This is a time of passage from one phase of your life to another. It may be a difficult choice, and self-sacrifice is never easy, but if you look for truth and integrity and don’t be too materialistic or hang onto things or people for all the wrong reasons, everything will turn out in your favour.