Come Home Soon


The Galactic Mantra

I AM integrity I AM perfect I AM manifestation I AM dissolving I AM releasing I AM liberated I AM dedicated I AM universalized enduring & transcending mantra I AM earth-ing I AM being I AM communicating I AM spirit I AM breathing I AM cosmic I AM essence I AM power I AM action I AM dreaming I AM abundance I AM intuition I AM god I AM extreme I AM internal I AM external I AM flowering I AM clocking I AM aware I AM life-force I AM surviving I AM d.m.t I AM spiraling I AM art I AM accomplishing I AM healing I AM beauty I AM elegance I AM pure I AM flowing I AM love I AM chakras I AM coinciding I AM playing I AM magic I AM illusive I AM free will I AM wise I AM exploring I AM space & time I AM waking life I AM vivid I AM enchanting I AM timelessness in complete infinite design I AM alien I AM human I AM receptive I AM vision I AM energy I AM mindful & questioning I AM answering I AM intelligent I AM fearless I AM evolving I AM opening my third eye to the unseen vision I AM translating I AM synchronicity I AM reflecting I AM endlessness I AM order & chaos I AM the tao I AM crystalized I AM self generation I AM affirming I AM enlightened I AM life I AM a tone I AM a color I AM electronic I AM the lunar & solar opposite & polar language I AM radial I AM particles of plasma I AM endurance I Am cosmic I AM releasing I AM perfect I AM liberated I AM pulsing I AM realizing I AM the ONE because the ONE are ALL form I AM the infinite nothing that becomes the everything I AM symbolic I AM relative I AM the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws projecting the digital loom the tool of experiencing desire and finding ecstasy in process I AM me, WE are YOU.

All credit to original source.

– One Heart

– A

And the Sun said to the Moon…

And the Sun said to the Moon

‘ It is from the rays of light the humans thrive

But it is from your Love that my heart shines

And as it shines, it beats

Beating in the hearts of every Love story

Then once again, as it has happened before

I would die the deaths of a thousand suns

Only to be born

A Whisper in your Dreams’

The Moon, she smiled

In Silence…..



Stone Cottages

My Dear Beloved,

I was looking at stone cottages today, and the first place I stumpled upon was this guest house.  I looked through the gallery to get ideas for our cottage *sigh* and in one photo I recognised the chest of drawers!


So I decided to research the establishment … that bedroom is called …

Wait for it …

The Norma Jean Room …

“This room was inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s glamour and her unparalleled glow and energy that enamoured the world.”


I just wanted to share that with you.
I miss you, so damn much.

Good Night My Love, Sweet Dreams For You and Me