The Galactic Mantra

I AM integrity I AM perfect I AM manifestation I AM dissolving I AM releasing I AM liberated I AM dedicated I AM universalized enduring & transcending mantra I AM earth-ing I AM being I AM communicating I AM spirit I AM breathing I AM cosmic I AM essence I AM power I AM action I AM dreaming I AM abundance I AM intuition I AM god I AM extreme I AM internal I AM external I AM flowering I AM clocking I AM aware I AM life-force I AM surviving I AM d.m.t I AM spiraling I AM art I AM accomplishing I AM healing I AM beauty I AM elegance I AM pure I AM flowing I AM love I AM chakras I AM coinciding I AM playing I AM magic I AM illusive I AM free will I AM wise I AM exploring I AM space & time I AM waking life I AM vivid I AM enchanting I AM timelessness in complete infinite design I AM alien I AM human I AM receptive I AM vision I AM energy I AM mindful & questioning I AM answering I AM intelligent I AM fearless I AM evolving I AM opening my third eye to the unseen vision I AM translating I AM synchronicity I AM reflecting I AM endlessness I AM order & chaos I AM the tao I AM crystalized I AM self generation I AM affirming I AM enlightened I AM life I AM a tone I AM a color I AM electronic I AM the lunar & solar opposite & polar language I AM radial I AM particles of plasma I AM endurance I Am cosmic I AM releasing I AM perfect I AM liberated I AM pulsing I AM realizing I AM the ONE because the ONE are ALL form I AM the infinite nothing that becomes the everything I AM symbolic I AM relative I AM the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws projecting the digital loom the tool of experiencing desire and finding ecstasy in process I AM me, WE are YOU.

All credit to original source.

– One Heart

– A