I Love You…so damn much.

My dearest Beloved

I look for you with every beating heart, lost on the crowd, that reality screaming away from me, just out of reach. i can feel it with my fingertips the electricity that surges forward, trying to catch those  moments that i bathed within glimpses of  our heaven.

I feel you twice over every time you think of me. To live a lifetime everytime you blink your eyes. To dance in the flutter of your soul everytime i breathe.

I know what i don’t have in the physical realm i have no choice but to dive into spirit and seek this magnitude of exploring, finding, believing, never giving up. The first and last thought and all the thoughts in between are filled with the scent of you.

i don’t know what the universe has in store, i do know that it is not an illusion when something this real continues to burn within my heart.

I have learned to focus my feelings in this silence and i know that although im not with you, it will be made my mission to find a way through to you, to us and all that is, where no realm above or below can question this union, where no circumstance can keep us apart.

The feelings continue to intensify in many ways. i know i don’t write everyday, but i visit 5 times a day.

I miss you dearly, so very much.

…and in that place is where you will find me.

I Love You…SMP…so much.


One thought on “I Love You…so damn much.

  1. I love you. With every beat of my heart, with every breath I take. My love for you intensifies in every single moment. And I miss you. Painfully so. Every night my pillow absorbs the tears that fall in your absence. I just want to be in your arms where I belong.

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